New Single “Long Gone” Now Available!!!


So excited to announce the release of my new single “Long Gone”!! Worked really hard on this one, big thanks to everyone who took part in it. I wrote this song about a year ago before going off to college. It’s about wanting to get away and wanting change. You can find it on iTunes, Google Music, etc.

New Adventures


Major changes taking place in the Maddie Monroe world! After moving to New Orleans at the beginning of the summer, I have been finding new gigs and working with new people. Martin’s Wine Cellar has offered me a gig every Friday at their wine tasting which has been nice to have something stable for this crazy summer. Now, I’m headed off to college soon but be sure to stay updated on what’s next, you don’t want to miss it! Singles to be released within the next month!



Craziest photo shoot yet! Climbing up barns, running across fields… I had so much fun this past Saturday with Josh Addison and the crew out in the fields and meadows of Milton. Can’t wait to show y’all what we got out of it. Pics up soon!

Officially Signed to Highway 9 Records!!!



So excited to announce that I am officially singed to Highway 9 Records! Can’t wait to start working with them on new music, photoshoots, merch, booking, and many more exciting things! Find out more about what they do at